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Ideal Gift – Tpu Shockproof/dirt-proof The Walking Dead Horror Drama Dark Zombie Weapon Gun Pistol Police Cover Case For Iphone With Design

Using durable tpu material,can protect you iphone from shock,dust and slide Excellent quality, stylish design, stand out from the crowd with a new look for your iphone 5/5s. Light weight Smart and modern design. Put on easily and protect your … Continue reading

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Tex’s Ideal Anti Zombie Rifle The Ruger 10/22

this video is just for fun… however the ruger 10/22 is my recomendation for an ideal anti-zombie rifle…. no recoil, very little sound, accurate for CQB, and all you need to do is kill the brain, also you have a … Continue reading

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Who are some ideal people for a zombie survival team?

Not ACTUAL people, but like, how many girls, how many guys, ages of those people, number of people, etc. Just asking for your opinion.

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Be creative, in what situations would 50 BMG or 20mm Vulcan be ideal for home defense?

Burglars landing on your house in a helicopter? A herd of trained stampeding elephants? Zombie invasion? Red Chinese invasion? When would those rifles not be enough for self defense? EDIT: I meant to post this in hunting, I don’t know … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Zombie Invasion: Ideal Weapons Part 1

In part 1 of “How to Survive a Zombie Invasion”, we review some firearms that we believe would be adequate for preparation for a zombie invasion. The Glock 21sf, PT92, Mossberg 590, AK-47, Mosin Nagant, and a Mauser K98 will … Continue reading

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