Zombie Defense Center

Welcome to our Zombie Defense Center. This video must go viral before we do or all hope will be lost. SHARE THIS VIDEO NOW !!!!! You can print the coupon at Google Maps. Hurry. Post this video EVERYWHERE NOW!!!

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13 Responses to Zombie Defense Center

  1. mikesplacenj says:

    @d4arken3ds0ul The only condition is that ACTUAL zombies are attacking folk. They could be biological or walking dead. They could even be some yet undiscovered type of Zombie. Don’t get your friend drunk and try to pass him off as a zombie……it won’t work.

  2. d4arken3ds0ul says:

    @mikesplacenj ok but what are the conditions of the promotion?

  3. mikesplacenj says:

    @d4arken3ds0ul The weapons are yours to keep. Who would want them after they got covered in Zombie Crud.

  4. d4arken3ds0ul says:

    my question is are the weapons a gift or a loan?

  5. mikesplacenj says:

    I urge EVERYONE to come here to help. There are plenty of shopping centers right along rt 18 to support a large group. Get the word out!!!! It will be a wild time.

  6. thesuperleeroy says:

    on the event that the living dead attack can i come and help you defend mikes place?

  7. d4arken3ds0ul says:

    were do u get the coupon? and is it a buy one get one type of deal?

  8. dildomerchant says:

    could and want to spend many thou in your store,excellent vid.

  9. SuperAirsoftman123 says:

    i wish i had stores like that around wher i live

  10. TannerDiedam says:

    FIRST! to like this!

  11. jjman258 says:

    too bad i live in MA….

  12. airsoftspud95 says:

    creepy music :s great video though

  13. 1ben1245 says:

    😀 Thats Awesome 😀

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