Unity 3D: Zombie Survival FPS: Dead Season!

our game we are working on please subscribe! www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to Unity 3D: Zombie Survival FPS: Dead Season!

  1. Commu7 says:

    Looks great! And also thanks for inspiration! 😀

  2. colll78 says:

    they did make dead season all you fucking noobs!!! They are omuni online research you fags

  3. maxter050 says:

    kink dowload this game

  4. KaelanFournierTV says:

    This does not belong to you! THIS WAS RIPPED OFF!

  5. brandonhughes7 says:

    i want to help but i need the game files

  6. dwight272 says:

    ok but when can i play it?

  7. Felixfors says:

    @TasteTheRAINBOW516 RJfire is the guy that is talking in the video Rjfire is also the maker of omuni online .. xD

  8. PhenomenalHeadShot says:

    AHHH!!! I had an incredibly similar game idea for like 8 months and i finaly found a software to do it and i find out a group out there has such a similar idea.. ): well there are some things you are lacking i had in mind so im gonna make one anyway. Plus My location is entirely different so it should be fine. Good luck with Dead Season it looks to be coming along nicely. And one question, where you guys designers before hand or did you just pick it up with Unity?

  9. TasteTheRAINBOW516 says:

    you dident make dead season…..

  10. SuperSappe says:

    how did u make it co op/online?

  11. teddy12300 says:

    @AndrewsParodys learn to make a game your self dont relie on others

  12. essendon073 says:

    omg, that SCAR is so sexy 😮 that must have taken ages. what version of blender did u use? and i think that the game mode should be called Massacre 😀

  13. gmodzombieteam says:

    call that game mode. fuck the others! XD or raiders

  14. Residentevilfan500 says:

    I 10 and i like to think of ideas i wanna make my own dont have unity yet but when i do ill join and when i do can i have the model to ur scar please

  15. Residentevilfan500 says:

    Woah that scar looks real

  16. onetwothreelikeabird says:

    Your scar> My scar XP Texture tutorial please? 😀

  17. AndrewsParodys says:

    can you send me zombie prefab

  18. astronicholas says:

    I think it should be called Zombie mayhem!

  19. Callofdutyexpert98 says:

    you should name it “the old hill” and it should have a story mode.
    ps if you send me a tutorial to lorosanchezcala@gmail.com, i would thank you a lot. im trying to make a game and i really suck at this program, so PLEASE help :)

  20. Future6556 says:

    I dont think you want me in moya game because i am 9 years old!

  21. Future6556 says:

    I dont think you want me in mya game because i am 9 years old!

  22. DivinityStudio says:

    Me and Grey are so proud of that Scar :3

  23. 5glacier says:

    Dude nice *scar* lol

  24. baseball4355 says:

    Wow that looks awesome. Can’t wait for the game to be updated more! Talk to you on skype!


  25. Felixfors says:

    wow the scar is awesome! 😀

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